Leto Hotel Delphi, establishes a Complaint Handling Policy for effective detection, recording and direct and objective complaint handling.
Through this policy we commit ourselves that:

We encourage the expression of any complaints.
We provide a variety of ways for express any complaints.
Every complaint will be fully investigated.
We will be fair throw investigating each complaint, both to the person who expressed it and to any person from the staff that may be involved.
Each personal data and anonymity will be respected and protected.
If a person from the staff is involved by any mean in the complaint, she or he will not be involved further in the investigation so there is no conflict of interest.
Recorded complaints will be periodically analyzed to identify trends and take corrections and corrective actions.
There will be continuous training regarding complaint handling process.
There will be no charge for submitting and handling any complaint.

This Policy is always available to all interested parties and is always published in public view at:

Hotel Management