About us

Since 1972

Hotel Leto has a 45 years history and remains a second generation family business.

Our guests receive high quality services and care with a personal touch as they would receive only in a family operated business.

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About us

Our History

1. the past
Hotel Leto was created around 40 years ago in a completely different time for Greece as well as the visitors of the "Navel of the Earth".
2. new blood
In 2005 Penny, a successful guide and museologist, and Petros, a person with multiple years of experience in the tourism industry, joined their forces and decided to revive the Hotel Leto.
3. the reborn
For an entire year they overlooked the massive reshape of Leto hotel. The result was the creation of a modern, pretty and warm hotel. It opened its doors in 2007 and enjoys its success until today.
4. Leto Hotel at the present
During the last 10 years Penny and Petros continue their hard work in order to keep Hotel Leto at the top and offer to their guests a sense of comfort as for them to enjoy their visit of Delphi.
About us