We take care of the environment and we aim to reduce our environmental footprint, through actions and initiatives, according to national and European policy. Our hotel, according to the needs of its location, strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, continuously improving and enhancing practices that conserve natural resources, minimize waste, save energy, etc.
Improvements that have been made include:
• Refuse bins for glass, aluminum and paper in common-used spaces and in the food preparation room. This is added to the current hotel recycling program.
• Cleaning and washing chemicals have a quality label and are compatible with the list of prohibited Green Key products.
• Annual disinfections are carried out both in rooms and in common-use spaces
• We use energy-saving bulbs throughout the hotel
• We use regular energy efficiency improvements in the building
• We inform our staff on environmental consciousness and behavior issues
• Free Wi-Fi in rooms and common-use spaces
• The building has been built with respect to the environment, as it is within the traditional Delphi sector
• Receptionists are able to inform customers about the Green Key program and Environmental Initiatives
• Information is provided on green areas, award-winning Blue Flag beaches and local public transport
• We promote cooperation with recyclers (batteries, bulbs)
• In the rooms there is information about saving water and energy
• There is an Energy Saving Entry Card when guests are out of the room
• A heating / cooling policy is maintained when the windows are open
• There is also electric heating • Greek Breakfast is also offered • A Roof garden and an indoor garden has been formed within our hotel that “hosts” our winged visitors, such as swallows, etc.