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What is Delphi ?

Delphi is a modern city in Sterea Ellada (Mainland Greece), in the Fokida prefecture where ancient Delphi was located.

In 1892 excavations brought ancient Delphi into light. It was buried for centuries under the Kastri village. Kastri was relocated two hundred meters west as soon as the excavations begun and renamed Delphi.

Delphi today is composed by 1) the modern city, 2) the archaeological sites of the Sanctuary of Apollo where the Oracle of Apollo was, the Theater of Delphi, the Stadium, Castalia Spring, the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Gymnasium of Delphi.

Delphi is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in having had a phenomenal influence in the Ancient world

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Where is Delphi ?

Delphi is located in Sterea Ellada (Mainland Greece), in the Fokida prefecture. More precisely Delphi is situated on the south slopes of mount Parnassos (elevation 480-530 m), at a distance of 180 km/112 miles west of Athens.

Delphi FAQ

What is the Oracle of Delphi ?

In Ancient Greece the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi was the most important oracle of the ancient world dating back to the 9th c. B.C..

Pythia (named for the Python slain by Apollo) was a priestess who spoke as a possessed medium for Apollo in the Adyton, a small chamber under the temple of Apollo. The priests of the temple interpreted and transcribed the answer of god Apollo and give it to those who sought the divine advice.

The Oracle of Apollo at Delphi was still operating as late as 393 A.D. In this year Byzantine Emperor Theodosius issued a comprehensive law that prohibited any public non-christian religious customs, ordering the closure of non-christian temples.

Is there a city ?

The modern city of Delphi is located 250 m. west of the archaeological site of Apollo. The city, named Kastri before the excavations of 1892, was built on the archaeological site.

Today the city of Delphi is a small town with a population of 1200 and the main activity is tourist services and olive trees cultivation.

Delphi: a brief history

How far from Athens ?

Delphi is located 180 km/112 miles west of Athens (2 – 3 hours drive).

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Is there a museum ?

Delphi FAQ - Delphi Archaeological Museum inauguration 1905
Delphi Archaeological Museum inauguration 1905

The Delphi Archaeological Museum was found in 1903 and opened to the public in 1905. Since this date it has been operating continuously and was renovated and expanded three times.

In addition to the Delphi Archaeological Museum visitors have the opportunity to visit the “Delphic Festival Museum – Aggelos Sikelianos & Eva Palmer”. At 4 km/2,5 miles from Delphi the village of Chrisso hosts the “Chrisso Folk Museum” and the city of Galaxidi (35 km/21 miles) hosts the “Galaxidi Maritime Museum”. The city of Amfissa (19 km /12 miles) hosts the Amfissa Archaeological Museum. A little further from Delphi (50 km/35miles) you can visit the mining museum of Vagoneto.

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Is there a temple ?

In Delphi the main temples were the temple of Apollo, where the Oracle was, and the temple of Athena Pronaia.

What about the weather ?

Delphi FAQ - The Theater of Delphi under the snow
The Theater of Delphi under the snow

Delphi weather has a Mediterranean continental character: a relatively cold winter (snow is not rare, specially on mount Parnassus) and summers are mildly hot. Delphi is on the south slopes of mount Parnassus at an elevation of 480 – 530 m, so humidity is low.

Weather in Greece and Delphi

Is there a bus station and service ?

A bus service running all year round connects Delphi with major cities as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and local cities as Amfissa, Itea, Chrisso, Galaxidi and Arahova.

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Is there a restaurant ?

Traditional and modern restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars along with a big agora, will satisfy every taste.

Is there a hospital ?

The Amfissa General Hospital is located in the city of Amfissa at 19 km (12 miles) from Delphi. In the city of Delphi there is a Municipal Health Office and private doctors.

Delphi essentials

Is Delphi up in the mountains ?

Delphi is situated on the south slopes of mount Parnassos at an elevation of 480-530 m. at 14km/8 miles from the sea.

Mount Parnassos is one of the major mountains of Greece. The highest peak named Liakoura has an elevation of 2453 m.

Parnassos Ski Center located up the mountain (at 35 km/21 miles from Delphi) and operates from mid December to April – May.

How to get there ?

It’s easy to get to Delphi. You can use a car, a bus, a train or a combination of the above.

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Is there an airport / nearest airport

The nearest international airport is the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport.

Athens International Airport.

Is there a car rental

Local car rental companies are located in Itea (14 km/8 miles) and Amfissa (19km / 12miles).

Is Delphi a coastal city ?

Delphi is on the south slopes of mount Parnassos (elevation 480-530 m) and the sea is at 14 km/8 miles.

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